For more than 30 years Peli has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest Protector™ Cases in the world. As a matter of fact, we invented the category. Over these years we've seen our cases used for some pretty crazy ideas... and important ones, too. The Peli Protector™ Case has been thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, towed along frigid fjords in Norway, and rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania. With only a few scratches to show on the outside, contents are left unscathed. Minor war wounds for major bragging rights. And that is really what it's all about. Getting your gear from point A to point B in the condition it's meant to be in: intact and functional.

Peli Protector™ cases are also "Permanent Packaging Solutions" that have less impact on the environment, while saving money and better protecting merchandise. This way Peli Products is providing their clients with more effective shipping solutions that make the traditional supply chain a little greener.

The protection of laptop computers and the valuable information they contain is a growing concern. This is why the company launched the Hardback™ cases, the ideal solution for safe transport laptop computers to any destination.

The neoprene o-ring keeps the case totally watertight
The double-step latches are smart and make the Peli case easier to open
Heavy duty 'fins' are engineered to protect latch and hinge areas
Extendable handle for easy transportation
Automatic pressure equalization valve releases air from the interior while keeping water molecules out
Some cases come with wheels for easy transportation
Ultra High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene is extremely strong and flexible against external impacts
Twin-ribbed top surface, one of the distinctive features of a Peli™ Case
Stainless steel pins are used in hinges, latches and handles to prevent corrosion
Big-fold down and rubberized handles
Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors add strength and extra security against cutting and theft
Extra thick 5,3 mm wall construction provides significantly greater strength to weight ratio over conventional injection moulding

"A box that breathes but can not get wet inside"

Stainless steel ball bearing wheels (on selected cases) last longer and ride smoother. The nylon hub adjacent to the stainless steel is made to resist heat. Result: less wear and tear on the polyurethane wheel.
Stainless steel ball bearing wheels.
Nylon hub.
Polyurethane tire.

And relax

Whether your Peli™ Case contains a camera that will shoot next month's magazine cover or a defibrillator that could save lives, you can relax as Peli™ Cases totally protect the equipment that you can not put a price on.

Peli™ Cases can be used with a broad range of equipment that needs extra protection - Now it is up to your imagination and your needs to decide what you want to protect!