0340 Cube Case

Min Mac Rack™ Containers

The New 19" shock mounted Min Mac Rack Container is a lightweight solution that offers superior compact mobility for rack mountable equipment and is designed to meet military standard requirements. It answers the need of making the most of limited space, while providing rugged protection to the equipment.

The lightweight, compact design of the Min Mac Rack double ended cases, offer light to medium duty protection and boast industry leading shock performance. It’s angled precision-engineered elastomeric shock mounts are fine-tuned to match the weight and fragility of your equipment, ensuring maximum shock and vibration isolation. The high-strengh, lightweight, heat treated, square holed steel rack frame of the Min Mac Rack provides a range of mounting options for single or multiple fragile equipment. Manufactured in Germany and UK, the Min Mac Rack is designed to meet the requirements of NATO and European military standards.

  • Available in 10 different models, with frame heights from 4-12U and two depths of 480 and 610mm
  • High-strength steel rack frame supports equipment from 10-50 kg.
  • Peli-Hardigg's patented, wide-design, Comfort Grip Handles™ make lifting easy
  • Patented, positive anti-shear interlocks minimise stress on hardware and prevent case lids and bases from separating, even after impact
  • Moulded-in, tongue-ingroove gasketed parting lines seal tight and remain so after impacts
  • Designed to meet ANSI/EIA-310-C for universal rack mounting hole pattern
  • Inter-stackable design
  • Over 12 colours to choose from
MiniRack Container
Gray - 133
Fed Std# 26270
Tan - 250
Fed Std# 20372
Blue - 135 (lt)
Pantone# 292U
Yellow - 131
Fed Std# 23538
Maroon - 197
Pantone# 202U
Blue - 101 (dk)
Fed Std# 25052
White - 132
Fed Std# 27925
Yellow - 136
Pantone# 012U
Green - 138 (forest)
Fed Std# 24052
Black - 032
Fed Std# 27040
Red - 130
Fed Std# 21105
Olive Drab - 137
Fed Std# 34096
Orange - 134
Fed Std# 12197
>MIN MAC RACK™ Rack Height U-Size Rack Length Rack Width Lid I.D. Front/Back Lid O.D. Front/Back Case Length O.D.* Case Width O.D. Case Height O.D. Weight
PART NO.Ummmminmmmmmmmmmmmmkg
MR4U 40/480/404U1784801948345/4580/8074055528517,2
MR4U 40/480/10045/8580/12578517,6
MR4U 40/610/404U1786101948345/4580/8087055528519,0
MR4U 40/610/10045/8580/12591519,4
MR6U 40/480/406U2674801948345/4580/8074055537519,3
MR6U 40/480/10045/8580/12578519,8
MR6U 40/610/406U2676101948345/4580/8087055537520,9
MR6U 40/610/10045/8580/12591521,4
MR8U 40/480/408U3554801948345/4580/8074055546022,8
MR8U 40/480/10045/8580/12578523,5
MR8U 40/610/408U3556101948345/4580/8087055546024,8
MR8U 40/610/10045/8580/12591525,5
MR10U 40/480/4010U4434801948345/4580/8074055555026,1
MR10U 40/480/10045/8580/12578526,8
MR10U 40/610/4010U4436101948345/4580/8087055555028,2
MR10U 40/610/10045/8580/12591529,0
MR12U 40/480/4012U5334801948345/4580/8074055564029,2
MR12U 40/480/10045/8580/12578530,0
MR12U 40/610/4012U5336101948345/4580/8087055564031,7
MR12U 40/610/10045/8580/12591532,5
*Length Outside Dimension includes both Lids.
Please note all weights are approximate, and may vary. These weights have been calculated