MityLite™ 1900 Zone 1 Flashlight
MityLite™ 1900 Zone 1 Flashlight
The Peli MityLite 1900Z1 is a powerful, compact torch that's ATEX certified safe for use in hazardous Zone 1 (Category 2) locations. This torch is perfect for professionals who work in areas with high risk of explosion such as chemical, pharmaceutical, power, oil and gas, and fire rescue. It's powered by 2 AAA alkaline cells and submersible.
Cat. # Description
MityLite™ 1900 Zone 1 Flashlight Specifications
Light Source Tested Lumen Value Tested Lux Value (@ 1 meter) Lens
Incandescent (Xenon) 7.00 Primary
0.00 Back-up
0.00 Low
0.00 High
1200 Polycarbonate
Batteries Battery Burn Time Battery Pack Charging Time Switch Type
2 AAA Alkaline
2 hrs.
N/A Twist On/Off Lens Shroud
Watts Voltage Weight w/Batteries Weight w/o Batteries
3 0.05 kg
(1.6 oz.)
0.02 kg
(0.75 oz.)
Length Body Shroud O-Ring
10.4 cm
EXL Xenoy Ethylene Propylene
Clip Contact, Spring & Retainer Night Vision Film


  • CE Ex Approval - II 2G Ex e ib IIB T4, II 2D Ex ibD 21 IP67 T100????C
    Certificate: ITS09ATEX26184X

MityLite™ 1900 Zone 1 Flashlight Accessories
Cat. # Description Sug.Retail
1904Z1 MityLite 1900 Zone 1 Lamp Module 0
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MityLite™ 1900 Zone 1 Flashlight
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