1810 LED Keychain Light
1810 LED Keychain Light
Flat tires, missing headphones, needle in a haystack, you name it; this new everyday personal light will keep you moving through the day or night. With 16 lumens of light and a keychain attachment- it's always handy.

New Peli ProGear™ 1810 LED Keychain Light: Unlock the dark.
Cat. # Description
1810 LED Keychain Light Specifications
Light Source Tested Lumen Value Tested Lux Value (@ 1 meter) Lens
Batteries Battery Burn Time Battery Pack Charging Time Switch Type
4 LR 41 Alkaline
N/A Rotary Switch Operation
Watts Voltage Weight w/Batteries Weight w/o Batteries
6 0.01 kg
(0.5 oz.)
0.01 kg
(0.4 oz.)
Length Body Shroud O-Ring
3.8 cm
Clip Contact, Spring & Retainer Night Vision Film

1810 LED Keychain Light Accessories

No accessories are currently available for this product

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1810 LED Keychain Light
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