Peli™ cases have been tested by several government and private organizations and they have passed the most strict quality tests. They have successfully met many industrial, military and extreme sport requirements with respect to protection against knocks, immersion, humidity, corrosion, stacking and drop resistance. Now most of Peli™ cases are NATO codified and handle several certificates:

peli cases

STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41

Peli™ cases have passed several extremely challenging tests: Vibration, Low Temperature, Dry Heat, and Impact, with great success. With that, these cases are approved to STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41 Standards. More info

Ingress Protection (IP) codes - EN 60 529: 1992

Peli™ cases are IP67 certified. It refers to protection against solid particles (first digit) and liquids (second digit). Therefore 6 means dust-tight (6 being the maximum rating) and 7 means protection against immersion (8 being the maximum rating, indefinite immersion). More info

MIL C-4150-J

This is a US military approval for cases under the following conditions: stacking, drop, immersion and humidity. More info

ATA (Air Transportation Association) - Specification 300

This certificate is specific for packaging in the Airline Industry. It tests the cases as a reusable container for a minimum of 100 round trips. It tests measure impact and drop resistance. More info

NATO Stock Number (NSN)

Peli™ cases have been used for military applications for many years.

For this reason all Peli™ cases available on the market have their own NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) number. This means that they are part of the NATO Codification System (NCS) that provides standards for use of a common stock identification system throughout the NATO alliance. This fact contributes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics operations, to facilitate data handling and to minimize costs to user nations. It is essential that each item of supply is assigned a unique name, classification, identification and NATO Stock Number (NSN).

A NSN Number is represented by a 13 digit number, which can be divided into 3 unique parts:

  1. The first 4 digits are the NATO Supply Classification (NSC) code, which relates the item to the group and class of similar items.
  2. The next 2 digits indicate the assigning National Codification Bureau (each country has its own two-digit.)
  3. The final 7 digits are assigned sequentially and have no inherent significance. However, this number relates to only one item of supply.
6760 - 01 - 295 - 3560