Because of our success, this concept has been followed by many other manufacturers. As in other sectors, this is ‘part of the game’ and we find it stimulating in order to keep improving. However, here you’ll find several reasons why we recommend choosing Peli™ when you really need to protect your equipment. As with all of our products, we guarantee these points; just contact us for details.

More than 30 years of proven guarantee! No other protector case manufacturer has been in the market that long, our products have proven reliability.
Peli has the widest range of Protector™ cases in the market, and is continually launching new models!
Reliability and functionality are our reasons for being. At Peli we love paying attention to detail, and that shows in our products. Take a close look at one of our cases, or better yet, let us tell you about it: you will discover many unique features, each that has been well thought-out, and that is there for a specific reason.
Materials like copolymer polypropylene are designed to be STRONG yet FLEXIBLE. The result: being this material less rigid than others, Peli™ cases absorb external impacts better, dispersong the energy of the shock through the surface instead of transmitting it to the inside of the case, therefore keeping the equipment in the interior intact and functional.
Strong and easy-to-open ‘Double Step’ Latches made of ABS. As there is no complicated internal mechanism, they will never fail you. And more importantly, in crucial situations they withstand sand and dust like no others in the market.
All Peli™ cases have been certified to the most strict and prestigious quality tests, meeting many industrial, military and extreme sports requirements. STANAG or IP are some of the examples. Click here for further info.
Our Team is continually identifying new customer needs and how to best serve them. Our Engineering Department is constantly researching new technologies, developing new products and improving our existing range of Protector™ cases.
More than selling protector cases, we offer SOLUTIONS to our customers: we provide advice, ideas for better applications, suggestions for different types of customizations to fit specific needs, the design of special products, different options for accessories, etc. In general terms, we do not just sell cases, but a complete turnkey solution.
At Peli, we follow the philosophy 'Think Global, Act Local'. As the Europe, Middle East and Africa operation of Peli Products, Inc., we are part of a big group with common objectives and values. At the same time, we are sensitive to the needs of each country with which we deal; our international staff with native speakers of more than 10 languages, several regional sales offices, excellent distribution network, multi-lingual packaging, instruction sheets, websites and literature prove it.
From the very first moment you will find first-class service from our Team, and from your first contact with us through all the years you use our products we hope you keep in touch with us. A strong brand requires competent professionals behind.
But don’t just take our word for it. The best testers of our products are the users. Their Survival Stories prove the reliability and quality of Peli™ cases in extreme conditions:
  1. Surviving a missile attack in Iraq with some satellite phones, an electronic radio system, and a highly sensitive digital camera among other equipment inside. All was intact!
  2. Surviving a Tsunami with a cell phone inside. It was still working!
  3. Surviving explosions, the jaws of a wild tiger, 12 days of seawater submersion... these and more stories are detailed in our Survival Stories section.
Click here for more stories!
Check out our latest videos TEST THE LIMITS, where a 1510 Case is tortured to what we think will be the limit… and the case and its contents still survive!.
Made in USA and Europe that means highest guarantee, best quality, close control on production, quick problem solving, short reaction time, etc.
Unconditional Guarantee of Excellence: This is the strongest guarantee that a manufacturer can offer. All Peli™ products are forever guaranteed. Due to specific European regulations, Peli is not allowed to offer a "lifetime" guarantee. However, in an effort to legally remain in that spirit, we are proud to say that Peli™ cases are Unconditionally Guaranteed. Our products have been submitted to strict quality control procedures; Peli is certified under ISO 9001:2000.
The Peli/Peli brand name means quality, and that is why we are not afraid to say: 'You break it, we replace it ... forever™'.

If you are in the market for a Peli™ case, make sure it is authentic. Beware of copies that will not give you the appropriate safety, performance and guarantee you expect. The Made in USA and Europe label each Peli™ case carries is your guarantee of the highest quality, reliability and service. You can choose between paying now or paying later. The guarantee we offer to our customers has existed for more than 30 years, and no other company can make that claim.