Desert Lion land cruiser accident

Desert lion

11 June 2013. Whilst searching for the “Terrace Male” lion at night in the lower Uniab River... (full story)

Holding on…

land cruiser

My story takes place in Sabang Beach dive site, Philippines... (full story)

Intact After Massive Explosion

land cruiser

My team and I were first responders to a terrorist attack... (full story)

The Cell Phone Survived the Tsunami


Before I knew it, I was out helping to save boats... (full story)

The Horse Has A Lot To Say...


During a long trekking expedition in Zanskar and Ladakh... (full story)

The SabreLite allowed me to save another life


Some months ago, while at a fire... (full story)

Peli Cases Don't Get Seasick


I make long voyages...(full story)

Seawater Surrounded Them For Twelve Days


The back cabin had 20 cm of water... (full story)

Peli Cat-Chow

cat chow

On a recent trip through Zimbabwe... (full story)

Crushed Ice Optional

ice canoe

We chose the best gear that we could get our hands on... (full story)

The sound of Kilimanjaro

land cruiser

On a trip to Tanzania in May 2007, I climbed alone on the Kilimanjaro... (full story)

K2 Survivor relies on Peli products

land cruiser

Peli products play an important role in my expeditions... (full story)

So There Was This Block Of C-4


At this time the helicopter had been destroyed by two maverick missiles...(full story)

No In-flight Movie Offered

no in flight

The plane hit with such force that it sheered... (full story)

Worry-free Luggage

land rover

We rolled down tumbling sideways...(full story)

9 Out Of 10 Camels Prefer Peli


When you see one of your 1,200 pound pack camels rolling in the sand... (full story)

Man's Best Friend


As I emptied the water out of my canoe on the shore... (full story)

Extreme Combat Luggage


The explosion happened directly under my feet... (full story)

Small Investment, Big Protection

Small Investment, Big Protection

When the officer returned, the case had obviously been run over and sported tire tracks... (full story)


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