For more than 30 years, Peli has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest, brightest and most safety-certified torches in the World. Over the years, we have received testimonials from firefighters, industrial workers, police officers and the military, all highly satisfied with the performance of our products. They have been able to focus on their jobs of rescuing lives, even saving their own, due to the great performance of their Peli light in critical situations.

Our job is to develop high-performance lighting tools that help you focus on your job. The feedback we receive from our customers helps us engineer and produce the safest lighting tools for working in hazardous areas, that are as bright as possible for tactical situations, and that incorporate the most efficient technologies in order to save costs for the user and at the same time be environmentally-friendly.

In June 2008, through the acquisition of Blue i UK Ltd., Peli™ Products launched its Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG). The new Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) being developed by the AALG are harnessing the power and energy-efficiency of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and taking it into remote and general area applications.

Umbrella valve: it automatically allows the pressure inside the light (created from the outgassing of Hydrogen from the batteries) to release while preventing water from entering.
Indestructible body: Ultra High Resistant Polymers (Xenoy, ABS, Polycarbonate), CNC and Type III hard anodized Aluminium bodies make them extremely resistant to shock, drops, chemicals and other conditions that destroy most torches.
Safety clip: to attach the torch better to clothes or belts.
Metallic parts: are made of stainless steel.
The facetted body and shroud(patented) avoid rolling on many surfaces.
Hi-impact nylon lens
Ethylene/Propylene o-ring seals the torch from liquid/dust ingress.
By using patented safety approved lamp modules Peli Lights provide an excellent durability while emitting a pre-focused white light with no dark shadow areas.
The shroud offers high temperature resistance.
Battery Polarity Guard Tray: makes operating the light impossible if one or more cells are inverted (which is one of the main causes of accidents with torches).
Anti-Shock Battery Protection: it prevents battery leaks and damaged bulbs.
Hydrogen-Absorbing Pellets: they are included on the lamp module and absorb excess hydrogen retained inside the torch.