Better Protection: Custom Foam

custom foam

For a true custom fit, foam inserts can be cut according to your equipment. For many of our OEM customers, this is an important aspect in making a professional presentation of your product. As a finishing touch, add your embossed logo or a decal to the foam block.

custom foam

Just send us a sample of your product and we’ll configure the case size and the foam per your requirements. Better yet, provide us your CAD files and we’ll take it from there.

For extremely sensitive equipment like microchips and circuit boards, materials with antistatic properties and foam that protects against electrostatic discharge are available. Where purity or outgassing is an issue, crosslinked foam expanded with nitrogen is chemical resistant and perfect for medical equipment and some electronics applications.

Minimum Order Quantities

Peli Products requires a minimum order of 100 pieces for custom foam projects. However, there are many vendors available providing similar services who may offer lower quantity minimums.